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Tutorials are vital when learning programming languages and frameworks/libraries. They offer a structured pathway, teaching us the fundamentals and core concepts. Following step-by-step instructions and examples, we gain practical experience and a better understanding. Tutorials also provide insights into best practices, helping us write efficient and maintainable code. Overall, tutorials are an indispensable resource for mastering programming, offering comprehensive and structured learning.

We provide a collection of useful tutorials on Linux, programming, development, AI and related topics for developers, and will try to keep them up-to-date.

LinuxLinux basic tutorials, such as how to work with text files, permissions, compress & decompress, set timer and so on.
MacMac tutorials for developer, such as how to install docker on Apple Silicon chips macbook.
GitAdvanced topic on Git, such as how to user different config in different prejects.
MysqlMysql topics, such as character set and collate, most used commands.
NginxAll kinds of "how to" topic on nginx configuration, such as reverse proxy, static file server, websocker proxy.
VscodeVscode related topics, such as how to use Github Copilot, how to use timeline.
MediaMedia realted topics, such as how to convert or compress video files.

We are still working on these tutorials, and will add more topics in the future.

If you find any errors or have suggestions for improvements, please submit an issue or pull request. We appreciate your contributions.